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ARABIC CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES (ACM) is a Baptist oriented ministry that seeks to advance the cause of Christ among the Arabic-speaking people of the world. It sponsors conferences, produces television programs in the Arabic language and assists in strengthening local Arabic speaking local church congregations. The main offices of ACM are in St. Louis, Missouri, but its activities extend on most continents of the world. ACM seeks to partner with individuals and organizations that share its goals and principles.

Arabic Christian Ministries in cooperation with the International Baptist Network has just concluded its first International Arabic Pastors’ Leadership Conference in Thieusies, Belgium. Pastors from over 18 countries in the Middle East, Europe and the United States convened to get acquainted, share their experiences, enhance their leadership skills and prepare gospel programs for satellite television broadcasts. The conference was underwritten financially by the Rawlings Foundation, which provided the facility — a Chateau near Brussels — and the costs involved in bringing the more than 100 pastors together. The planning and execution of the conference was by Dwight Billingsley, assisted by the staff of Arabic Christian Ministries, in St. Louis and the staff of the Rawlings Chateau. A result of this conference has been the initiation of participation in the International Baptist Network, which provides the framework for ongoing connections of Arabic Baptist Pastors throughout the world with other pastors of like faith. The lines of more than eight associational groups of diverse Baptist missions were crossed during this conference. Pastors who attended from North America “adopted” a sister church in the Middle East and Europe for future contact, and the first missions’ project began by the Arabic Pastors was to help underwrite teams in the Philippine Islands that are carrying the gospel to the islands, and to provide the use of church facilities for the Philippine nationals that are working in the Middle East. The Rawlings Foundation provided pastors in remote areas of the Middle East laptop computers, which were loaded with “ministry tools” and training was given for their use.